6:28pm January 13, 2012

Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch the Full Story

There’s pics and things you probably won’t find out elsewhere!!! XD

Right so I have cystic fibrosis (google it) and the nurses at the hospital I go to put my name down for this Rays of Sunshine thing. Now this Rays of Sunshine thing makes kids wishes come true here is a link, now I was Given 3 wishes but was only going to get 1 so I thought long and hard about what I’d want to do or see I ended up with asking for a picnic in the park with lady gaga as my third wish, meeting Jedward as my second and meeting the fabulous amazing and beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch as my first.

Now the day before Christmas eve December 23rd my mum got a call from the charity saying that they were going to try to sort out me meeting Benedict and I was really happy (read: bouncing of the Walls) but wasn’t expecting anything to happen for a good long while like next August or December time but yesterday Friday 6th January my mother got a call around lunch time I think saying that they could do it now at this time I was at college and knew nothing! By the time it was all confirmed I was in my last lesson with my friend who was equally obsessed to put it nicely, but my mum didn’t text me so as to avoid me screaming like a looney in my physics.

When I got home my mum came to the door and said “pack your bags.” so i said why. “because we are going to london.” now i was hoping but was still pessimistic so again i asked why. “because we are going to see Benedict Cumberbatch!” to which I replied “are you kidding me” I was thinking shitting she said “no” I let it sink in then screamed and launched myself at her.

About 10minuets later I was screaming down the phone to my darling Abbie about how I was going to meet mr Cumberbatch, and how I would ask him nicely to send her a text via my phone what she didn’t know but does now was that I was already planing on asking him to call her on my phone! I’m a great friend XD

Anyway they sent my mum an itinerary of what we would be doing over the course of the day, so we left Darlington station at 10.28am on the 7th and got to London at 1.45pm. My mother knew there would be a limo but I was just guessing that there might be, the limo was beautiful and the driver was a nice man called Paul.

Paul drove us to the hotel in the limo while we were rocking out to Bruno Mars in the back. The hotel I have never seen so much marble honestly I was nearly blinded by the shininess, the room wow just wow.

Case and point.

Anyway we unpacked then went back down to Paul and went to London zoo which is where we would be meeting Benedict. Now because we were so hyped for this we were a good 10-15 minuets early so we waited and Suzy the rep from the Rays of Sunshine and the one who organised it all showed up and we had a chat and took some pictures outside the zoo first.

Now for the good stuff. When Benny, as Abbie refers to him sometimes, arrived I just clammed up, he said “hello nice to meet you Helen” or words to that affect, and I said “hi” in the most high pitch voice ever and he shook my hand and kissed me on both cheeks! You jelly?

I then asked in the still very high voice if I could have a hug and he said yes so I hugged him close and he smelt amazing it was kind of like cinnamon but smother if you know what I mean. While I had my arms wrapped around him I told him there was a very low chance if me letting him go, he laughed and it was beautiful!

So we are at the gate and he asks the lady if there is anywhere he can leave his bag and she said they normally don’t due to health and safety but for him since he is so gorgeous (her words not mine but still so true) that they’ll make an exception.

First we went to the reptile enclosure so he could do his homework (wink wink nudge nudge). And while we were trying to spot one of the lizards he said that I could ask him anything within reason so I asked him during the Adler scene (her naked him as vicar scroll down there is probably a gif set somewhere down there) how did he keep his eyes up? He said that as Sherlock that basically even if he was impressed and interested he wouldn’t want to showcase that interest so would stay focus on her face or words to that effect but as an actor he said that he had tremendous respect for her since he did “the full monty” when he was in frankinstien and that he also imagined it was the other way round so that helped him.

I also asked him if he was actual fully naked under the sheet he said yes he was till someone got a nasty shock during one of the takes, yea we are probably thinking the same thing “nasty”?

Thinking of questions was the hardest thing that day because he is just so amazing any way as we were making our way to the monkeys which he studied their movements for frankinstien I asked him what aftershave he used and he said he used two different ones this one called homme and another called hydra now these aren’t the full names but I can roughly remember them and will post what i think they are, at the time I believe he said he was wearing the hydra one though I may be wrong. I’m also going to convince Abbie prob won’t take much to stalk the fragrance shop during our free on Monday.

Now at the monkeys and gorillas we learnt some really interesting stuff about them which I won’t bore you with. Anyway after the monkeys we made our way to the big cats and got some rather interesting pictures one which I think looks like I’m pointing out something on his face!

Benedict mentioned that last time he was at the zoo it was around the same time and the lions really roared now this was about 3.30pm near sunset time and just as my mum was taking about to take a picture of us the lion let out almighty roar! It was so cute!

I also asked him what was the best/funnest experience he had while he was in schooling/growing up(0-25) and he said it was this one time where the choir at his school were singing and him and his friend started giggling when the new boy was singing so when it was quiet him and his friend were trying really hard not to laugh but when it was really loud the were effectively ROFLMAOing and then got caught out at a quiet bit and got really odd looks but they kept laughing, he also said he would be honest and said a little bit of wee came out. Yea wow just wow.

Anyway we walked the short way to the cafe and he got this thing which was basically an espresso shot with milk foam stuff on top he was a tad sad I think. And we talked about some charity work he does so he is an ambassador for the princes trust and he also does some work for motor neurone disease charity (what Steven hawking has), then Suzy the rep asked him if he would like to do any work with them to which I think he said a maybe I’m not really sure.

He also talked about how the London riots delayed filming of some sherlock scenes and got talking about how the generations are just basically rioting for the luls to put it bluntly. While we were in the cafe I got him to sign my Christmas eve edition of the times magazine.
(Pic will be up when i can be bothered scanning it)
Basically it says “to helen, what an honour to meet you and be your wish. I am flattered and inspired by you Thank you. Hope you had fun! Benedict Cumberbatch.” He also said that the picture on the cover is not his favourite. I also got another kiss here!

Oh I also found out that the No Shit Sherlock line has only been used on him once and that was by one of the film crew members, if you look in the time magazine that he was in, the picture of the set,the last picture, the guy with the clapper that’s him! Benedict also said that when that picture was taken that the guy said oi get out of my shot! For the luls.

We then started to walk back out of the zoo and he picked up his bag and asked to cadge (grab/get) a lift off us in the limo, so I now know his post code and no I am not telling! XD. Also apparently his first time in a limo.

Any way we took some more pictures in the limo and I called up Abbie suffice to say she didn’t get any revision done after that.

And we talked some more this time about me and my condition (google if you wanna know but I ain’t explaining) before we dropped him off. Which after trying and failing to see where he went into, I spent the entire ride back to the hotel going I just met Benedict Cumberbatch in my head. Then we went out for a meal had a drive round and had a drink downstairs and now I’m writing this at 12.41am, because I keep having moments and remembering his smell.

Benedict seems like an honestly nice guy and wasn’t “up his own arse” as my mother said some celebrities are like. He smelt lovely, his hair was amazing, he seemed more intelligent than I expected he would not to say I thought he wouldn’t be smart he just seemed smarter than I expected, talked more than me, sounded so blooming amazing, has amazing fashion sense, have I mentioned his smell, accidentally called me Lucy for reasons we still can’t figure out and was just above and beyond my expectations of him!

He also said I could email him through his agent any time squeal!!!

Benedict Cumberbatch I Love You!!!

Ps. I also added it up I got about 5-6 kisses on the cheeks from him 2 on one 3 on the other and one on the top of my head XD

Pps. Learn Cumberbatch stupid spell checker!!!

Ppps. Some of the phrasing used won’t be exact but is as close as I can remember it or as simple.

Pppps. I have a few more pics that I haven’t uploaded but may do soon XD

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